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The concept of the “Golden Hour” in emergency medicine is well-known. Effective intervention, ideally in less than 10 minutes (Platinum 10 minutes), can prevent death and disability in a significant proportion of patients by adopting the principles of “Medevac”.

Medevac consists of stabilizing the patient prior to evacuation and continuing care en route to a hospital where definitive care can be given. There is also a little known ‘Diamond Minute’ – when you make an action plan to deal with the emergency and start acting or give up and pray.

The aim is to provide speedy and effective medicare anywhere in accordance with current internationally accepted principles of evidence-based medicine.

The Golden Hour Backpack-ER has been designed to provide medevac support, manage surgical and medical emergencies in any scenario, manage routine cases in remote areas and provide live remote diagnosis and management of anything , anytime, anywhere.


1. Mind-set

The Will and the knowledge to survive

2. Skill-set

Situation specific skills

3. Tool set

Evolving continually
(Like, we humans developed opposable thumbs and the net on the go,
steadily losing hair in the process)

" The Golden Hour Backpack-ER (Patent pending) "

Presenting a small attempt at MAXIMIZING survival

Front view of Backpack-ER

Backpack-ER with contents displayed

The BackpackER is a compact, comprehensive, modular and portable emergency medical response system designed for use by a doctor or paramedic. It has all the equipment and medications required to deal with almost any emergency in the field environment. It has been arranged to enable quick and efficient use which is vital when dealing with a life and death situation.

The user knows that it has a place for everything required and everything required is in it’s place, which is important  when time is of the essence. Thus, for example, all the things required for the ABC of emergency management (Airway, Breathing and Circulation) are readily accessible in the crash coat and the outer pockets of the BackpackER  so that one does not have to even open the main compartment of the  bag in the crucial initial minutes in a major emergency.

Similarly, if one has to start an IV infusion, the IV fluids, IV set, pressure infuser, intracath, scalp vein set, intaosseous needles, swabs are all neatly arranged in the IV fluid module. The cardiac module has the ECG machine, 5% dextrose for lifeline and all the cardiac drugs available in the module itself.





All the equipment and drugs have been carefully selected to optimize effectiveness, usage of space and to minimize weight as the kit has to be carried by the user operating in a hostile environment. The challenge has been to include all the equipment and drugs required to deal with all common emergencies and routine care as well make the kit compact and light enough for carriage by an individual in any kind of terrain. It has also been so designed as to permit easy customization of the kit for specific roles such as field care in military roles in high altitude or jungles, marine environment, urban civil trauma and emergency care, rural emergency/ routine care, disaster management in various types of disasters , additional tasks such as specific program implementation etc etc
     The system contains all equipment to provide pre-hospital Advanced Trauma Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support as well as deal with common ailments in the field / remote area scenario. It also has a telemedicine hub for live audio-visual consultation by the medic with any doctor anywhere who has a  smartphone/broadband connection. It provides a 12-lead ECG, remote monitoring/inspection/auscultation. It can be connected to a compact handheld blood test kit (offering upto 30 tests including cardiac enzymes), a sonography machine or digital X-ray machine and beam the results/images anywhere. Massive data compression and cloud computing using cutting- edge technology make this possible over existing networks in remote poorly-served areas (satcom is an option). Allied with a Google eye, the system can provide immense capabilities in telemedicine.
    The BackpackER base unit  is a backpack containing the various modules The modules are the Crash Coat/overalls, Resuscitation module, Examination module,  Trauma module with an extra  reserve module in case of multiple casualties, Injectables module, IV fluids module, Mini-pharmacy module and Cardiac/Telemedicine Hub module. These modules can be customized further  if needed.



Difficult airway kit

The Crash coat/overalls/top flap pocket carries a stethoscope, torch, tourniquet, field dressings, bandages, Guedel’s airways, artery forceps, scissors  and a Swiss Army knife for immediate use in emergency even before opening the BackpackER.


The Resuscitation module has an Automated External Defibrillator  (world’s smallest), lightweight aluminium oxygen cylinder with a combi-valve (adopted from mountaineering use ), adult/pediatric ambu-bags, hand-held suction,  pulse oxymeter and a difficult airway kit with Combi-tubes and a cricothyroidotomy instrument.


Upper Compt with splints and tubes


The Trauma module has field dressings, bandages, aluminium splints , inflatable splints, a REEL splint for femoral fracture, slings ,  cervical collar, compete suturing kit (sterilisable), wound stapler, chest drain tube with seal, ointments, sprays, foil blanket, various catheters and tubes. There is also an extra dressing supplies bag for multiple casualty scenario.


The examination module has a stethoscope, torch, aneroid BP instrument, pulse oxymeter, glucometer, auroscope, opthalmoscope and an indirect laryngoscope.


Upper Compt with splints and tubes


The Injectables module contains all injections for emergency use, syringes and swabs arranged so as to minimize wastage of time and maximize efficiency  in emergency


The IV Fluids module has 4 bottles of IV fluids, IV sets, intracath, scalp vein sets, intra-osseus infusion needles, pressure infusion set and swabs all arranged for ease of use in emergency.


Mini-pharmacy module

The Cardiac/ Telemedicine module contains an integrated ECG machine-cum- telemedicine hub, 5% dextrose for IV lifeline and all cardiac drugs including Tenecteplase. This enables the medic to take an ECG, send it to any physician anywhere equipped with a smartphone/ broadband who can continue live monitoring, auscultate and actually see the patient, order thrombolysis or any other treatment required under his/her continual supervision while the patient is being transported to a cardiac center. The hub can be connected to a compact handheld blood test kit (offering upto 30 tests), or other devices such as a sonograph or digital X-ray machine. These can be forwarded by the machine to any location.
The Golden Hour BackpackER and it’s  telemedicine hub offers vast possibilities for remote diagnosis and expert management of emergencies as well as routine medical practice. A well-trained and well-equipped paramedic on site in conjunction with a general practitioner/ specialist / super-specialist who may be anywhere in the world can provide expert medical care to anybody, anytime, anywhere.
Other products available are expert first aid kits for community health workers / trained volunteers, basic life support kits for paramedics and advanced life support kits for doctors and paramedics.





How I learned that the right mind-set, the right skill-set and the right tool-set are the key to survival                                                                                                                                  read more.....